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Amata Home Styling will help you get your space styled and organized! We make the process as simple as possible when working together so you will see results that you can be fond of and benefit from over a long time frame.
We offer hands - on services, if you prefer us to complete the work for you, or consultations where we create a personalized reference guide on how to implement a project on your own, focused on the main problem areas. These are held virtually or in home for both styling and organizing services.
Please read about our sessions and FAQ's below for further details. For any additional questions feel free to message us through the contact form. We look forward to guide you in choosing a solution that fits your individual needs and will give you the results that best suit your interior spaces!




This is an on location/per room project recommended if you'd like us to give your home or office an updated look. We bring out the best of your space, making it both beautiful and functional. We will require a fee based assessment before working on an assignment together to look at the location in person. Also we will take measurements and ask some questions to better evaluate your needs, style preferences and budget. Afterwards, we outline an estimate and generate a customized proposal. Ideal for anyone who would like to achieve a general interior makeover or focus on a single room, based on a choice of different themes and looks we can decorate your space with.
We charge a basic room fee for our services which does not include materials, items or furniture placed into your home. We also consider budget friendly assignments and always try our best to use pieces already owned by you. Please keep in mind that each space requires different time frames to complete depending on it's size and the nature of desired results. 



This is a  60 MINUTE video consultation through Zoom. It is recommended if you'd like us to make a styling assessment of your living space virtually through video. We will look at the space on camera and talk about your preferences and the look you'd like to achieve. Afterwards, you'll receive a  personalized styling plan in digital format to help you decorate your space independently.
This service is ideal for anyone who enjoys diy projects and would like to give their home an updated look and feeling. Suited for simple touch ups on small areas such as bedrooms, family rooms, home offices, crafting rooms, kids playrooms, reading nooks etc. An easy style guide pdf with instructions is included and a summary of what we discussed at our virtual session.



These 4 HOUR sessions are ideal for smaller areas which are in need of a quick and easy set up such as closets, drawers and shelves, bathrooms, laundry rooms and pantries. We will organize all items by categories and place them back neatly within the storage available in your home. You can book this as a maintenance session if you are an existing client to get a regular fresh up throughout the year. Also great if you're new to professional organizing and you'd like to familiarize yourself with the process and work we accomplish.



This is a 60 MINUTE video consultation through Zoom. It is recommended if you'd like us to make an assessent of your living space virtually through video because you do not have the time to have us over. Ideal for busy moms or remote workers who need a guideline on how to re - organize an area efficiently and create clarity. We will look at the space on camera and generate a step by step guide on how to get started, where to strategically place items and labeling. Suited for small areas such as home offices, crafting rooms, kids play rooms and pantries. Shopping links for suggested products are included if you wish to buy any storage item online afterwards.



This is an initial 15 MINUTE phone consultation where we can assess your needs and specific situation to see if we are a good fit to work together.  We will get an idea of your living space, what needs to be addressed and how much time will be necessary to work on the project.
Ideally we recommend you to send us pictures and take measurements of the areas beforehand, so we can get a clear idea of the space prior to visiting your home. Remember we are here to help you in your endeavours to create the most beautiful space to feel comfortable in.



What happens during a session?
All of our services include a free 15 minute video or phone consultation to learn about your individual space, wether you are seeking help with home styling or organizing. During the consultation we will see the area to get a clear idea of what is needed and ensure we are a good fit to work together. Afterwards you can proceed to choose a service package that best suits your schedule and budget. Please keep in mind that each space is unique and requires different time spans to complete, depending on the size of the chosen area and the specific goals you would like to achieve within projects.

When booking home organizing services, multiple sessions might be necessary. Our basic session starts at a five - hour minimum per room or per specific area. For hands - on projects we require a fee based consultation beforehand, on location, where we assess your exact needs and take measurements of the space you'd like to focus on.  Afterwards we outline an estimate of the work, so you will know what to expect, thereon.
During a 5 hour session, we help you do a quick fresh up and organize/place the items for you neatly using storage solutions or pieces you already own.
If you'd like to get a more thorough system in place we recommend booking an 8 hour session, where we will help you declutter and create a categorized set up with labelling. Recommendations of storage items are provided. All suggestions are not included in the organizing session pricing and you are free to purchase them through the links should you wish to.

For home styling services we charge on a room by room basis and require a fee based assessment beforehand, directly at your location. Here we will look at your space and discuss how you envision it, depending on factors  as your individual taste and budget. Afterwards we outline an estimate of the work, and generate a customized proposal of your home styling project.
We also offer virtual styling packages suited for small areas, where you'll receive a personalised guide on how to carry out a restyle on your own, along with shopping links for purchasing any recommended items. All pieces suggested are not included in the styling session pricing and you are free to buy them through the online links provided should you wish to so.

What areas do you specialize in?
We work on in - home areas including closets, walk - in closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, home offices, craft areas, kids playrooms, kitchens, pantries, dining and livingroom areas. We also consider small office spaces depending on availability. Please contact us with any requests.

Are the products included? Do I have to purchase new items?
Our organizing sessions provide assitance with choosing storage solutions that fit well into your home or office space, after taking measurements during our first consultation together (virtual or in person). You will then receive links to suggested items which you can purchase online before we start implementing a system. The price of new products are not included in the organizing service package. All items indicated will enhance the space  and allow more functionality, but are not mandatory to organize. We are more than happy to incorporate pieces you already own and repurpose them. We also work on budget - friendly projects with you for great results.

Should I clean up before you come over?
It is very important to keep the space exactly how it is, so that we can see the problems you are running into in that particular area and are able to address them specifically to create a tailored plan for you. You are in a judgement - free zone working with us and it will be more beneficial to the process if nothing is changed before we start your homes assessment.

I have more questions... I am not sure what service type best fits my needs?
For any additional questions feel free to message us through the contact form below. We look forward to help you choose a solution that fits your needs and will give you results that suit your space and time preferences.



Thanks for submitting!

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