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Welcome to Amata Home Styling: Tips to restyle your space beautifully

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Hello and welcome to my blog where I share ideas and inspiration on different topics related to interior decor, home styling and organizing. I'm a creative minded and design lover inspired by everything that surrounds me daily. Since an early age I discovered my talent for combining different materials and fabrics into collages and diy projects. What started as a childhood hobby quickly developed into deeper passion as an adult of rearranging every home I have ever lived or set foot in. Including family and friends houses or, yes, even vacation rentals...

After attending art school and fashion design academy, I set my dreams aside for a couple of years as many of us do when reality of life kicks in. But that passion each individual carries within themselves never rests and sometimes it takes the right moments and events to be rediscovered at a later stage. I decided to reawaken those old dreams that were lingering in the back of my mind, leading me to live many unexpected experiences that I could've never imagined.

My love for beautiful objects and spaces has always been inspirational to me in creating calming and relaxed atmospheres, where you can be able to recollect your mind and energy because I believe our space should feel like the place we love to come home to.

So what better way to start off then sharing my ideas for great decor and home styling ?!

Interior Decorating and Home (Re)Styling

First of all, I would like to touch on different topics within the realm of interiors such as design, decor, (re)styling and organizing.

Lets start by explaining what the difference between interior decorating and restyling really means. I think these terms often and easily get interchanged or confused by.

When we are referring to interior decorating what we actually intend is to aesthetically dress a space and make it pleasurable to the eye by setting a certain tone. This can be achieved by adding specific pieces we can certainly find everywhere nowadays, weather we prefer a more refined or a rather simple and inexpensive look.

Basically decorating can fit into any pocket or lifestyle making it quite accessible to make an environment feel and look great with a few quick steps. Just by utilising basic elements you can make a lasting impression without the need to reinvent the whole wheel. In some cases, by using what you already own or have lying around in your home will make a big difference. You will be surprised at the things that you can find in the back of your closet or inside those old boxes in your attic !

The best part about decorating is that it´s versatile and creative and you can change the mood of a space as often as you like depending on different occasions, for example during the holiday seasons such as Christmas and Eastern, a birthday party or baby shower.

Interior (re)styling on the other hand involves the action of transforming a space on a slightly deeper level into a new atmosphere, instead of just adding surface touch ups such as we would by simply decorating.

Here we are mostly going to change the entire set up of a room or an area, combining objects we have "transformed" with the occasional new piece. This would involve a lot more detail related work as well as some previous research or shopping if you have enough time on hand. Before considering a specific style, factor in your finances and how much you´d like to spend on your makeover as some looks are particularly budget friendly and adaptable. If for instance you would like to change your bedroom from a modern ambience into shabby chic, you could start the process by searching furniture stores to get inspired by what is in demand at the moment and find the perfect mood to recreate. You could then visit thrift stores or flea markets to gather interesting items that can be repurposed to achieve the nostalgic feeling that shabby so much identifies with.

The next step could involve research on DIY ideas as for example repainting wooden furniture or decoupaging. Identify what materials are required (paint, fabric, tools) and where to find them, as well as how much time you would need to complete a certain project.

When planning a transformation of a room or perhaps an entire home you might have to consider a higher budget, depending on what exactly you are going for. However, the fun of recreating a space is not always about the money spent but more often lies within your own artistic creativity and inventive spirit.

Turning home decor projects into quality time

So now that we have actually delved a little deeper into defining the differences between home decorating and home re(styling), we can finally move onto the exciting part and let our creative energy flourish.

Finding inspiration to do so can take some time and doesn't always happen over night but once you find the right ideas you can surely turn them into engaging projects you could also involve friends or family members in.

Often people find these activities helpful to actually grow the bond within their relationships, turning moments spent together into great quality time. While you are persuading your family to help you with the new Christmas set up or turning an office room into a cosy reading temple, you are actually creating an occasion to participate in a cheerful experience that will give everyone the space to express themselves creatively. If you are involving your children you could let them pick specific tasks they would like to be in charge of during the process, which can be a fun way to help them learn something new...and.. could benefit you immensly to focus on another activity such as painting the walls while your kids are busy with their own project.

When you are working always remember to note down a step by step list. This can be helpful along the way to keep an eye on your progress and timeframe:

  • make a mood board for inspiration

  • research different looks and styles (online, magazines, stores)

  • materials and tools needed

  • materials you already have on hand

  • measurements of rooms and furniture

  • estimated time available/needed to dedicate to your project

  • shops/stores to visit

  • friends and family members involved and tasks assigned

Don´t forget to take pictures along the way, as these will make up for some great memories in the future and also make it easier to keep track of the changes you have made in your house. Often we love to remember all the little details of our home improvements over time. If you are very dedicated, you could even consider making a blog about your progess to share directly with friends online. Or simply stick to the more traditional version of making a scrap book with pen and paper and any left over materials or pictures. These also make up as great gifts to hand out to whoever helped you on your project.

Let´s remember that decorating and making our homes confortable should always be about the joy we perceive. It can give us an immense feeling of achievement when we see the end results of what we are capable of creating with our own hands.

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