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How to transform and re-style your home into a retreat of pure wellbeing

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Amata Home Styling

The space we live in affects us on a daily basis and can influence a big part of our wellbeing. Therefore, it is so important that it reflects the positive energy and warmth that reconnects us to our soul and inner creativity, no matter the type and size of the home. We should always be able to feel that inner peace and harmony as soon as we walk in.

When our environment feels overloaded and filled with too much stuff, it is easy to get

overwhelmed by a sense of confusion. This can affect our day to day tasks and even influence our sleep and the way we perceive our reality. For example, when we start off our morning overly stressed because we need a lot of time to find the perfect outfit for work or can't find those misplaced car keys, it can cause a lot of anxiety, making us feel rushed and unable to focus on our daily lives. When everything within our home is organized into a clear and easy to access system that resonnates with our personality, we are able to create a healthy routine that allows us to be in a good mood. We start to worry less because our awareness is focused on the things that are more valuable instead of wasting energy and building up our frustration. Our home should be a place of peace where we can recharge our batteries and spend time doing things that fully reflect our joy and bliss. Why not start today in making these simple and effective changes towards transforming our house into a personal retreat of balance and harmony?

Declutter and create space for new things

One of the first and probably most difficult steps of creating our ideal environment is to declutter so that we can make room for new things and bring a sense of freedom. Most often our homes are filled with items we have collected over the years that we have long forgotten about. It can be both emotional and relieving at the same time to go through our belongings, helping us realize what isn't of value anymore and belongs to our past.

We can simplify the process by creating a keep and toss pile: one for the objects we would like to store and one for whatever we wish to eliminate. It can be quite difficult for some of us to decide what to give away, but in doing so we can generate the space to develope a balanced mindset. However, let's remember that this journey should not overwhelm us because our main goal is to paint an ideal picture of what makes us feel confortable and happy. If this task is challenging for you, consider getting help from a loved one or even a professional organizer that can assist along the way. An expert will be able to understand your problem areas and identify a clear storage system.

Once you have determined what you'd like to keep, put in place a smart solution that will simplify your daily routine. Decide how you want to build out a personalised system based on individual needs and priorities wether it be by item type, color, materials etc.

When a process is in place, organize all your items. This is one of the best moments because it allows you to visually lay out everything and understand exactly what works ideally. You will be satisfied to see the end result and proud of the progress you've made.

Make time for yourself and reconnect to your inner passions

Now that we have a system set in place, it is important to reconnect to your inner self to understand who you are and what inspires you. This can help you choose a mood for your space and turn your vision into reality.

Finding inspiration can stem from an array of different resources, for example the time we spend driving during traffic or the morning walk we take with our dog before heading to work. All these ideas should come to you in the most natural way possible because it is our instinctive thoughts that usually bring the best results. In order for that to happen, you need to allow yourself the freedom to reflect and follow your intuition. Let your mind relax so you can feel what truly makes you happy and fullfills your soul.

You could also try meditation and visualization techniques that help to observe yourself within your ideal space. When we visualise we can project into a different reality that allows us to embrace a new way of life.

Another good idea is to spend some time in nature so you can release negativity from your body and reboot your system. Your mind will also be able to focus better afterwards since you are breathing in a boost of fresh air to re-energize your cells. Simply go for a walk at the beach or consider hiking in the woods. While your are outside, make it a habit to write down some notes and ideas in a small notebook you could carry with you. That way you always have an easily accessible timeline should you need to remember certain details. You could also make a mini mood board with items you find such as small cut outs, articles, pictures etc. The important thing is that, whatever you decide for speaks to your inner being in a way that you can reflect it into the outward.

Make a step by step guide for your re-styling project:

In order for you to transform your project into a clear picture you should make a step-by-step list that you can easily follow. Check our helpful guide for your personalised re-styling endeavor:

  • declutter & create storage system

  • design a layout

  • place items into a smart system

  • choose a theme such as natural, romantic, shabby, elegant, ecclectic, minimalist

  • gather furniture, decorations and materials such as paint and fabrics

  • place scented candles in key areas of the home to stimulate your senses

  • decorate

  • take before & after pictures

Amata Home Styling

Make sure to set a timeline so you can follow all steps from beginning to end. This will help you not to get overwhelmed with too many tasks all at once and allow you to set clear focus on your daily goals.

Finally, when you have turned your house into a peaceful retreat, set aside some time to relax and get aquainted with this newly found wellbeing. Live as many moments of joy as possible and let your creative side flourish into an improved version of yourself. You will feel balanced and free of the pressure that can weigh so heavily in our lives.

Re-decorating our own four walls allows us to nourish our soul and live in a harmonious reality. It helps us improve our overall state of mind and develope creativity so that we are able to spend quality time at home connecting with ourselves and family, while learning how to rediscover a deep sense of fullfillment.

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